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As avid dog lovers, David (my husband) and I wanted to launch a fun pet site that catered to just dogs (with a few items for the pussy of the house of course).  The site had to carry fun, high quality, hip items, that was crisp and easy to navigate.  We didn’t want to be the “Walmart” of dog stores with too much product.  We wanted to focus on limited product with an emphasis on stylish dog beds.  We believe in the saying “less is more”.  Thus the birth of “PlanetHound”.


The problem we ran into to launch the site was that we are both not too tech savvy….enter computer whiz and best friend,  Tim.  With an extensive computer background (and just a super creative guy anyway)  Tim made our dream a reality.


PlanetHound is the hip  boutique for the modern hound.  We try to offer stylish items that add that special touch to the modern décor of today’s home.  We get our inspiration for the items we carry   from current fashion trends we see on our fellow humans, architectural rags and even input from our 2 boston terriers, Gigi and Gilligan (who are known to clear a room with their gas).

~ Sean


We can be reached at 844-539-8700 

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