Solids Rectangle Bed

$ 70.90 $ 105.00

The indoor/outdoor Solids Rectangle Pet Bed is the perfect combination of style, function and comfort. Made in the USA, it features a removable zippered slipcover that is woven from durable Outdoor Treated polyester, with 1000 hours of UV protection. The base of the bed is made of heavy duty waterproof 300/600 Denier fabric, which allows you to move your pet wherever you are, inside or out. Each bed is filled with a super plush fiberfill that provides ample amounts of comfort. 

Dimensions (in inches): Small - 27 x 20 x 4; Medium - 36 x 29 x 4; Large - 44 x 36 x 5; Extra Large - 50 x 42 x 5


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